L!VE: Name In Smoke

Whats good L!VE Fans?! Sorry It has been a LONG time since a post, but L!VE has put out a mixtape titled “L!VE: Name In Smoke” Which is available on datpiff.com for FREE now.


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L!ve Iz Officially Ev!l, Bitchez

Lex Ez Yevil! God Dammit!

Jermy, dont shoot em! You'll only be hurting yourself!

The Crack of this album's ass!
L!ve has been putting mucho work in!

We got the official title and tracklist for L!ve’s up and coming cinematic mixtape. Jermz decided to name this one “L!ve Is Evil”! The expected release date of this mixtape is unknown for now, but i can provide 360…no… more like 180 (front and back view) of the mixtape artwork. Its all part of Jerm’s genius

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L!ve’s Going through changes! Transition video

L!VE (L.isten !.nspire V.alue E.verything) is back with a new song produced by D.C. Producer Alex. The song “Transitions” talks about the ways to become famous and fighting against it from the perspective of an up and coming artist. The track is backed by dark melodies and is a track that can’t be denied by anyone who is a fan of hiphop. We Hope you enjoy the track, L!VE-Transitions prod. Alex off of L!VE’s album L!VE is EV!L.

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We got cinematic trailerz :D!

Whats really good w/ yall, bitchez? Its been quiet a minute since I’ve posted. L-ex has been busy with college and the 9- to- 5 as of late. He emailed me that official trailer for his Mood Muzikesque mixtape entitled “L!ve Iz Ev!l”. From the looks of the trailer, this one’s gonna be a banger.  Submit your feedz

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A Look Into Lasso!

View All Photos | Lasso

It’s affiliated artist time, bitchez! Larry Lasso… no beef w/ Sandy Squirrel!

Lasso is one of L-ex’s most respected right handmen, an avid fellow recorder, and one of the best up and coming rhyme slingers coming out of Salisbury. Lend this man your ears for a second because he deserves it. He sent me some unreleased ear candy for the loyal bitchez on my site to have there way with… Shoutz out to Skeme (to the left of him on the photo)!

High thoughts: http://hulkshare.com/ls76ylsdra5i

Freestyle 07 (Unreleased):  http://hulkshare.com/u4tlblmhbg16

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Finally… Another L!ve update!

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I know these updates seldomly come, but you bitchez still tune in daily… because yall are loyal! We have no news on Jerm’s progress with his mixtape and studio endeavors as of yet, but we do have exclusive content… as always.

L!VE feat. Nino Bless Marlee and Vibes-Fall With The Rest of Em


L!VE feat. Marlee-Setting Standards


L!VE feat. Darren Hanible-Lyrical Exercise


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Jerm iz Still N Da Studio (8-29-2010)

This cat breathes hip hop. I dont know who that wack song he was bumpin at the beginning was from, but the rest of the vid is a spoken word treat. Listen to him shed some light on what he’s been working on before he drops the jewels over the Dougie instrumental. This is as L!ve as it gets, bitchez!

Drop some feed about the vidz


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